Escrow Agency

An escrow agent is responsible for securing a property and examining documents to ensure that terms of sale are met. In the case of real estate, a title company will hold the deed in escrow until both the seller’s and buyer’s terms are met. MBO can serve as this neutral, trusted third party to ensure […]

Title Insurance

Title insurance is available to both property owners and lenders. It is purchased at closing and insures against financial loss from title defects, liens, and other problems. It can protect against a lawsuit or reimburse the insured for any money lost. MBO provides title insurance to protect you from potential title issues and is underwritten […]

Hello world!

MBO Settlements, Inc. was founded in March 2015. Upon placing an order with MBO rest assured that your settlement will be handled efficiently and professionally. You will work with a growing staff that knows just how important each real estate transaction is to you. For MBO it is all about title services made simple, on […]