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Closing is the final step in a real estate transaction. It involves the transferring of ownership and signing the purchase contract. The deed is delivered from the seller to the buyer, thus completing the transaction. MBO can help you cross the finish line and be on your way to new home ownership!
Commercial closings differ from residential closings in a multitude of ways that make the process more complex. Zoning requirements, leases, loan applications, and other aspects add to the intricacies of commercial closings. MBO has a clear understanding of these differences and can help commercial clients in the closing process.
Are you currently considering a refinance? Along with locking in the lowest interest rate possible, you will want to find a real estate settlement company that offers low closing fees to reduce the time it takes to recoup closing costs from your refinancing transaction. At MBO, we seek to make your refinancing closing process as pleasant and efficient as possible, always striving to provide the best in customer service and speedy settlements. We achieve this superior level of service and support by providing a dedicated team devoted specifically to refinance transactions!
Title insurance is available to both property owners and lenders. It is purchased at closing and insures against financial loss from title defects, liens, and other problems. It can protect against a lawsuit or reimburse the insured for any money lost. MBO provides title insurance to protect you from potential title issues and is underwritten with the following Title underwriters: Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company